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Vita Medical Solutions is focused on offering specialized testing and logistics services that make the greatest impact.

genetic testing

Testing Solutions

Vita Medical Solutions partners with laboratories to facilitate access to many different types of testing.

patient processing

Patient Operation Solutions

We understand how procedurally intensive the patient experience is. Vita’s experienced Operations and Customer Service teams know how to support individuals and providers, ensuring an efficient testing process.

software solutions

Logistics Management

Our teams ensure timely sample collection and delivery of results to patients and providers.


Test. Know. Educate. Advocate.

Awareness of risk factors and testing outcomes allows patients and their providers to take a proactive approach to managing any identified risks. Vita Medical Solutions is committed to providing superior testing services to aid in patient care. 

Empowering Patients and Providers

Advanced testing is becoming more readily available to patients, both in the doctor’s office and directly to the consumer. Access to this type of testing has immediate and lasting implications in patient care and improving health outcomes.


Vita Medical Offers a Wide Variety
of Testing Services Nationwide

Vita Medical Solutions partners with laboratories with the most advanced technologies to provide accurate and timely diagnostic results.


For employers of all sizes, schools, city and state organizations. Ensure your employees, students, and customers are safe.


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