A Look at the Future of Genetic Testing

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Genetic testing will greatly influence the future of medicine.

The future of personalized medicine will be heavily influenced by genetic testing. Genetic testing involves determining the effect of genetic information on the predisposition to develop certain diseases. By studying the effects of genetic differences, doctors can design the treatment plan for individuals with genetic variations that make them more or less likely to develop certain diseases. There are a number of uses for genetic testing, and several groups of researchers are devoted to improving the accuracy of such tests and ensuring that they are as accurate as possible. Here are some ways in which this future of medicine could benefit both patients and doctors alike.

Personalized Treatments:

One of the most obvious places where genetic testing might be used is to determine the best course of treatment for a particular patient with a particular disease. It is often much easier to treat diseases when the cause is clearly identified at the onset. For example, breast cancer has a distinct identifiable and predictive clinical features, which can be used to choose the right course of treatment. By examining the familial relationships among individuals who have certain forms of the disease, doctors can predict which patients will respond well to a certain drug and which will not. By applying genetic testing to identify the causes of diseases, the future of medicine stands to benefit greatly.

Preventative Care:

Another use for genetic testing comes in the area of pre-screening for various health conditions. As medical advances continue to change the face of health care, it has become increasingly important to ensure that patients are getting the very best care possible. By examining the familial relationships among individuals, doctors can identify those patients who are more likely than others to develop certain diseases or conditions and to treat them accordingly. By using genetic testing to examine the familial relationships among individuals, doctors stand to benefit greatly from the future of medicine.

Early Detection:

Another important application of this technology comes from the area of disease prevention and early detection. A large number of diseases, including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and other serious disorders affect both adults and their children. While these diseases often begin in their youth, they can frequently be identified and treated well into the adulthood of affected individuals. This will allow doctors to better educate patients about the risks of various health problems and to help them make informed decisions about preventative measures as well as treatment for these problems. As new technologies are developed, future treatments will be able to detect even earlier signs of potential problems in an individual’s health, allowing them to seek medical attention before these issues begin to impact the individual’s ability to live their life to the fullest.

Final Thoughts:

Other applications of this exciting technology will likely surface in the future. For example, it has been proposed that genetic testing may be used to study the impact of a number of possible future drugs on an individual’s behavior. In addition, the technology is being developed to examine the effect of exposure to pesticides and insecticides on an individual’s health and well-being. In many regards, the future of medicine looks bright indeed. As science and technology progress, the boundaries of this incredible field continue to widen, allowing scientists to examine even more of the human condition and find ways to help people suffering from diseases of the mind and body.

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