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Who We Are

Beginning on October 1, 1990 and completed in April 2003, the Human Genome Project (HGP) gave us the ability, for the first time, to read nature’s complete genetic blueprint for building a human being. Since then, the genetic testing industry has grown exponentially with new advancements observed every year. VITA is excited to be a part of this life changing industry.

The founders of Vita Medical Solutions agree with the HGP that Individualized analysis based on each person’s genome will lead to an immensely powerful form of preventive medicine. We’ll be able to learn about risks of future illness based on DNA analysis. Physicians, nurses, genetic counselors and other health-care professionals will be able to work with individuals to focus efforts on the things that are most likely to maintain health for a particular individual. This type of personalized healthcare will mean different things for different people; it might mean diet or lifestyle changes, medical surveillance or other medical interventions. Through our understanding at the molecular level of how things like diabetes or heart disease or schizophrenia come about, we should see a whole new generation of interventions and medical advancements that are much more effective and precise than those available today.

Vita Mission and Vision


To make personalized medicine accessible for every person and their family, resulting in improved health for all.


To provide all individuals with genetic testing options (Test.), facilitate understanding of personal genetics (Know.), accelerate learning and interpretation of personal genetics (Educate.), create actionable implementation of genetic knowledge (Advocate.).

An exceptional Team

Vita has assembled an unparalleled team of experienced customer and patient service consultants as well as a patient operation team. This, in addition to Vita’s relationships with leading laboratory and healthcare providers, ensures a top-rated experience from patient intake to patient results.

Test. Know. Educate. Advocate.


For employers of all sizes, schools, city and state organizations. Ensure your organization is compliant with the OSHA mandates and that your employees and customers are safe.


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