Diabetes-Obesity Genetic Testing

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Diabetes-Obesity Genetic Testing

Individuals with a personal and/or family history suggestive of monogenic diabetes and obesity related disorders benefit from Diabetes-Obesity genetic testing. This test identifies disease causing genetic mutations. Individuals with identified gene abnormalities may benefit from increased surveillance, targeted and personalized management, and preventive steps to better manage their risks. If an individual has an identified genetic abnormality, close relatives (children, siblings, parents) are up to 50% more likely to also be at increased risk. The test can also be used to enable early intervention of other family members.

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Eligibility Call

This is a 3 to 5 minute call to determine eligibility.

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We Send the Kit

We send you the kit with a postage paid return envelope.

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Our labs work with your Doctor to conduct the test & bring you the results.

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CGX (Genetic Cancer Screening)

Molecular testing looks for specific inherited changes (mutations) in a person's genetic make-up

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PGX (Pharmacogenetics Test)

Pharmacogenetics, also called pharmacogenomics, is the study of how genes affect the body’s response

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Cardiovascular Genetic Test

Mutations associated with inherited cardiovascular diseases and sudden cardiac death can be detected


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