3 Emerging Trends in Genetic Testing

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Advances in genetic testing technology and methods of managing and handling human genetics have been developed over the last 40 years. Advances in this field have provided many people with new means of life. The field of medical science has greatly advanced through the years. One of the emerging trends in genetic technology is the field of preventive medicine. This has led to improved disease management, prevention, and treatment of a variety of diseases and conditions. The following are some of the emerging trends in genetic technology.

Trending in Genetic Testing and Preventative Medicine

– Genetic counseling is one of the emerging trends in genetic testing. Genetic counselors play an important role in providing advice and guidance on genetic issues that affect one’s health. They provide information on how to manage genetic problems by implementing healthy eating and exercise habits and trying to avoid stress. They can also help couples establish a healthy relationship by determining whether or not they are able to conceive a child.

Accuracy of Personal DNA tests and testing kits is advancing with better technology and better understanding of the human genome. These kits provide relatively quick results and have helped patients to trace back genetic roots and predisposition to genetic conditions such as heart disease. As with other technologies, these test kits can be used for personal purposes or in conjunction with your doctor and genetic counselors to interpret results. This helps to determine one’s maternal and paternal heritage. These tests can accurately identify anything from predisposition to disease to food sensitivities.

– Embryo engineering techniques are one of the emerging trends in genetic testing. During the past several years, there has been a significant increase in the use of the genetic tools to make specific modifications in human eggs and embryos. These modifications are used in a number of circumstances, such as correcting abnormalities, helping to increase the fertility of women who are undergoing infertility treatments, and even helping to increase the chances of passing a genetic condition on to a child. These testing techniques are still being refined, but are beginning to produce positive results. Some of the modifications that have been created through technology advancements include removing abnormal cells or tissue, moving DNA around, and adding new genes to an embryo or zygote.

The field of genetic counseling continues to develop with new trends appearing on a regular basis. Advances in technology advancements have made it possible for counselors to conduct genetic tests on people and to answer questions about their genetic history. Some genetic counselors specialize in specific ethnic groups, such as Jewish or African American. Regardless of the type of patient, the results and services provided remain largely the same: an individual’s health and future are better ensured by using sound, genetic practices and expectations.

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