Why Genetic Screening Represents A New Frontier For Precision Medicine

Why Genetic Screening Represents A New Frontier For Precision Medicine

Over the last 20 years, understanding the role genetics play in mental health and disease evolution have revolutionized the approach to healthcare, especially in the area of precision medicine. Innovations such as Human Genome Project, CRISPR, large-scale genetic studies have led to predictions in hereditary disease risks. Now, healthcare professionals, doctors, researchers, and scientists are leveraging detailed patient genetic profiles, combining them with existing and emerging technologies, to optimize patient outcomes.

Despite better understanding of genetic intricacies and emerging technology, predicted prognoses and precision medicine have not been fully embraced by healthcare providers. The vast majority of diagnoses and treatment strategies are not tailored to individuals needs. Instead, healthcare providers rely on outdated systems of tracking, classification, and predication methods to screen patients for risks.

Filling The Precision Medicine Technology Gap

In recent years, genetic testing products have emerged in the healthcare settings. These products help to diagnose or rule out suspected genetic disorders  to predict risks of genetic conditions or to acquire personalized insights to customize treatments based on an individual’s genetic makeup.

The Genetics Technologies Of The Future 

In recent years, innovative genetic testing platforms that probe for hereditary diseases and risk profiles for specific conditions have become increasingly mainstream. In the near future, these platforms are expected to play a pivotal role in tailoring healthcare management for individual patients.

Utilizing Genetics Technology For Safe Pharmaceutical Drug Use 

Pharmacogenetics (PGx) is the study of how people respond differently to drug therapy based upon their genetic makeup or genes. Pharmaceutical drugs play a vital role in treatment of numerous aliments. PGx testing will assist in guiding the patient and clinician to optical drug treatment programs. They will intelligently use the PGx data to seamlessly integrate genetic biomarkers into precision treatments.

Engaging Patients, Improving Treatment Outcomes

Giving patients and their doctors the opportunity to influence their treatment regimens can also empower individuals by improving patient care and reducing likelihoods of adverse reactions to medication and treatments. Precision medicine has the potential to not only improve patient outcomes but also change the way healthcare providers and patient work together. We on are the brink of a watershed moment in an unprecedented era of medicine.

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