6 Reasons to Consider a Genetic Test

Genetic testing has become increasingly popular in recent years. There are many facts about the various types of tests available. While genetic testing does not always result in a direct diagnosis,  genetic issues, mutations, and variants can be identified through this testing.


Genetic tests are tests with a saliva sample (cheek swab) or blood and other tissues to find genetic disorders. Doctors and genetic counselors use genetic tests for several reasons. These include:

  1. Finding out if people carry a gene for a disease and might pass it on to their children
  2. Finding genetic diseases in unborn babies
  3. Screening embryos for disease
  4. Testing for genetic diseases in adults before they cause symptoms (preventative healthcare)
  5. Making a diagnosis in a person who has disease symptoms
  6. Determining the type or dose of a medicine that is best for a certain person (Pharmacogenetics or PGx)


Patients have different reasons for being tested or declining testing. For many, it is important to know whether a disease can be prevented or treated if a test is positive. Genetic test results might help a person make life decisions, such as family planning or insurance coverage. Your doctor and genetic counselor can provide information about the pros and cons of testing.

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