New Study Sequences 64 Full Human Genomes From Around the Globe

New Study Sequences 64 Full Human Genomes From Around the Globe

The new data better captures the diversity of the human species. The new dataset reflects 64 assembled human genomes that represent 25 different human populations across the globe.

Researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) have recently published a new study that details the sequencing of 64 full human genomes. The DNA samples were collected from individuals around the planet with intent to better capture the genetic diversity of the human species. The new dataset was obtained by using advanced genetic sequencing and mapping technologies.  This method allowed researchers to better capture genetic variations from from differing human populations. This is because each of the genomes was assembled without guidance from the first human genome composite.

Scott Devin, Ph.D., and co-author of the paper, stated, “We’ve entered a new era in genomics where whole human genomes can be sequenced with exciting new technologies that provide more substantial and accurate reads of the DNA bases.”  Dr. Devine, who is also an Associate Professor of Medicine at (UMSOM), went on to say, “This is allowing researchers to study areas of the genome that previously were not accessible but are relevant to human traits and diseases.”

The new study on genetic sequencing has many applications including enhanced genetic testing, population specific studies on genetic predisposition to disease, and provides a deeper analysis of gene variations.

E. Albert Reece, MD, Ph.D., MBA, Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, UM Baltimore, and the John Z. and Akiko K. Bowers Distinguished Professor and Dean, University of Maryland School of Medicine. Summed up the findings by saying, “”The landmark new research demonstrates a giant step forward in our understanding of the underpinnings of genetically-driven health conditions.”

“This advance will hopefully fuel future studies aimed at understanding the impact of human genome variation on human diseases.”

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