The Importance of Continued COVID-19 Testing


While the first step in containing the spread of COVID is identifying infected individuals, testing is also crucial for public health and preventing the disease from spreading to the general population. The results of COVID-19 tests are available within a week, which means that infected people can be isolated and treated more quickly. The Centers […]

Holidays Are a Great Time to Learn About Your Family Medical History


The holiday season is the perfect time to discuss your family’s medical history. It’s especially important in this day and age, when regular medical checkups have decreased, and many of us don’t even know our own family’s medical history! Additionally, the holiday season is a great time to learn and share your family’s medical history. […]

Your Genetics and the Thanksgiving Meal


A few weeks ago, we shared with you how your decisions around your food intake can be determined by your genetics.  So in the nature of food and genetics, starting this week, kitchens around the country will smell of crescent rolls, green bean casserole, garlic mashed potatoes, and no doubt turkey with all the classics. […]

November is Diabetes Awareness Month: Is Type 2 Diabetes Genetic?


According to the National Diabetes Statistics Report 2020, more than 34 million have diabetes (about 1 in 10), and approximately 90–95% of them have type 2 diabetes. Usually, type 2 diabetes develops in adults over 45 years old, but it is becoming more common among young adults, teens, and children. Even more concerning, according to a previous […]

6 Traits You Never Knew Were Determined by Your Genetics

Illustration of human population carrying DNA under magnifying glass - population genetics and genetic studies

Let’s start with the basis: You, me, and all humans have 46 chromosomes in the nucleus of every cells, 23 from each parent. Each chromosome consists of very tightly packed double helix, common know as DNA. Genes are lengths of DNA found on the chromosomes, each gene codes a different physical, psychological, and personality trait(s) A trait is a specific characteristic […]

Genetic Risk For Clinical Depression Linked to Physical Symptoms


There is increasing concern about genetic and physiological factors that may lead to increased vulnerability to depression. Recent studies have shown that geneticists can predict the presence of clinical depression linked to physical symptoms by examining genetic patterns in families with patients. If a family member displayed signs of depression, the chance of that person […]

How Your Genetics Affect Food Choices and Consumption

Nutrigenetics concept with veggies and fruits strands as DNA molecule structure

Your Genes and Your Food: A Strong Connection You likely understand there are certain types of foods that are more likely to cause obesity, diabetes, and other health conditions. Fast food is one of those foods, and studies have shown that the consumption of fast food and diet foods can lead to health problems over […]

How does your body respond to exercise? It’s in your genes

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Can genetics and exercise really be linked? With regards to exercise, the answer is an undoubtedly “yes.” Exercise has a direct relationship with genetics. Although you may not have inherited certain physical characteristics such as large muscles from your father or uncontrollable leg strength from your mother, exercise can still strongly affect your exercise response. […]

Breast Cancer Awareness: Assessing Your Genetic Risk


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s an opportunity to share information about genetic testing, share personal stories and share ways to prevent future cancer. If you’re someone with breast cancer, you can find out more about genetic testing and find out what tests are available at your health care provider. A woman with breast […]

A Look at the Future of Genetic Testing

A futuristic doctor with syringe withdraws a liquid medicine and appears a hologram of a planet. Concept: medicine in the world, medical care, future, global competitor pharmaceutical companies

The future of personalized medicine will be heavily influenced by genetic testing. Genetic testing involves determining the effect of genetic information on the predisposition to develop certain diseases. By studying the effects of genetic differences, doctors can design the treatment plan for individuals with genetic variations that make them more or less likely to develop […]