Preventative Genetic Testing and Treatment Planning

Preventative Genetic Testing and Treatment Planning

Preventative genetics has become more popular with each passing year as people continue to look for ways to improve their overall health. While everyone knows that the best treatment option is a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a well-balanced diet, there are certain health issues or genetic disorders that cannot be treated with this type of preventative treatment. When this condition is discovered it can have long-lasting and devastating effects on the health of an individual. For this reason alone, genetic testing should always be considered when planning for future wellness.

One of the primary benefits of genetic testing is that it can give the you and your doctor the ability to determine what health issues may be present in the future. This is particularly important for parents of newborns and children as these young individuals can have serious health conditions or diseases that could have been prevented by early detection. It is also important for siblings of someone who is sick with a genetic disorder or disease to do their part to help detect the problem earlier on. This will often mean visiting the doctor at a younger age or receiving more attention and screening.

It has also been proven through genetic testing that certain behaviors can be passed down from one generation to the next. It is possible that if a parent or grandparent suffers from a certain disease or health condition, their children may be at a higher risk of contracting it in the future. By doing a simple DNA test on the family history, you can determine if this is true. This in turn will allow the parents and their children to continue to enjoy a happy and healthy life free from disease and suffering. As more people begin to realize the benefits of this type of preventive care, testing will become even more prevalent and common.

While most people become aware of the benefits of genetic testing through stories like those featured on Oprah, few people truly understand its necessity or importance. Through such prenatal testing, parents can not only learn about their own family history but can learn important facts about their children as well. Through genetic testing parents can ensure that they are not passed down a genetic disease themselves and avoid the worry and stress of knowing they may have some type of genetic illness themselves. While many people may focus on the benefits of prenatal testing, it can also be important to know about the benefits of genetic testing for other reasons, such as for purposes of genealogy.

While DNA testing has provided parents with a valuable resource for understanding their family history, it is important to remember that all genetic information must remain confidential between you and your doctor. Genetic testing can be performed as a preventative measure however, in which case the results can be shared between the family. This will help to ensure peace of mind and increased security for all involved. Whether due to genetic predisposition or just a simple concern about how your family tree may have changed over time, parents should take the time to investigate the potential benefits of preventative genetics and following treatment planning.

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