Twins DNA Test

Twins DNA Test


Twins can either be ‘identical’ or ‘fraternal’ and sometimes, the only way to confirm this is through twins DNA testing. Our DNA test for twins can help confirm if siblings are identical twins or not, providing you with 99.99% accurate results in just 5-7 working days


About twins DNA testing

Due to New York State Department of Health regulations, we cannot offer any peace of mind paternity or relationship tests to New York residents. However, we can offer legal paternity and relationship tests in New York. Contact us or click here for more information.

Knowing whether twins are identical or fraternal (dizygotic twins) is often difficult. Appearance alone is often not a reliable method to confirm twin type because identical twins (monozygotic twins) do not always look exactly the same, and fraternal twins can sometimes look very similar. If you want to know with absolute certainty whether twins are identical or fraternal, you will need a twin DNA test.

Real client testimonial:

“My sister and I were very happy with the results. We were not sure what to expect and the results were shocking for us. We wanted to determine if we are identical or fraternal twins. We have lived for 44 years thinking we were fraternal twins and came to find out we are identical twins!! What a shock that was.”

✪✪✪✪✪ United States, 24th January 2020 

How does twins DNA testing work?

Identical twins occur when one egg is fertilized by one sperm. The term zygotic in monozygotic and dizygotic refers to the cell formed when a sperm and ovum meet. Clearly, a monozygotic twin is formed from a single zygote and a dizygotic twin is formed from 2 separate zygotes. Due to identical twins being produced from the same fertilized egg which then divides into two separate ones, their DNA profiles will be identical. Fraternal twins have a different DNA profiles because they are formed from 2 sperm fertilizing two eggs independently. In terms of genetic similarity, non-identical twins will have as much common DNA as siblings – that being around 50%. Identical twins on the on the other hand, will have DNA profiles that are exact carbon copies of each other. Thus, by comparing the DNA of twins, with our twins DNA test we can establish whether they are identical or fraternal by determining the genetic similarity.

Note: We can only guarantee standard result turnaround time when testing takes place solely using oral swab samples. Using a discreet sample for your test may lead to an increase in turnaround time.

Reasons for testing and collecting samples

Reasons for ordering a twins DNA test include personal/curiosity purposes or medical purposes (situations requiring blood transfusions and organ transplantation). When it comes to blood transfusions and organ transplants, identical twins make better blood and organ donors to each other; blood groups will be fully compatible and chances of organ rejection will be much lower due to the identical antigens of monozygotic twins.

Twins DNA testing samples can be collected using our home sample collection kit. The kit contains oral swabs per person. Each twin will need to be swabbed twice. Inside the kit simple, step by step instructions will be provide to enable you to collect samples quickly, efficiently and without any hassles. Once done, just put the swabs back in their envelopes and put these envelopes into the bigger, pre-addressed envelope and send everything off to the laboratory for testing.



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Upon receiving your order, a patient representative will contact you to confirm your test details and your pre-test consultation appointment. Upon approval, a kit will be shipped to your home with a prepaid return label. Kit can be completed and returned within the same day. Upon receipt of your sample at the lab, test processing takes approximately 4 weeks. Your results will be available via your Vita portal. Download a copy for your records, and share with your health care providers.
We understand that medical decisions, and learning sensitive information like risks to certain diseases can be a tough decision. Should you change your mind, a refund is available, minus any fees for processing, consultation, or kit materials that have been completed. Contact customer support for assistance.