Take a family approach to genetic testing

In a nutshell, a genetic carrier is an individual or another organism that carries the genetic mutation for a specific trait or mutation but yet does not show any signs or symptoms of this disease. Genetic carriers are, however, capable of passing on the mutation to their children, who in turn may also display the genetic disease or become carriers themselves.

A Family Approach To Genetic Testing

Understanding whether you personally carry a potentially harmful genetic mutation or if your family members does, can be a piece of invaluable medical knowledge. A patient who learns they carry mutated genes that lead to cancers or cardiovascular conditions, for example, may opt for more intense preventative measures with their doctors. These preventative steps may add many happy and health years to an individual’s life.

“The US Preventive Services Task Force currently advises that individuals who have a family history of a disease should consider genetic testing. But taking a family approach to testing, applying one patient’s results to understand the risks to other family members, could generate comparable health benefits at less cost, suggests research by Chicago Booth’s Dan Adelman and Kanix Wang.”

“In theory, everyone could be tested for a wide array of various inherited genetic conditions. Consider a family in which two of three sibling grandchildren test positive for a BRCA gene, the third sibling tests negative, and the only other known piece of information is that the paternal grandmother had previously tested negative. According to the current guidelines, the siblings’ mother and maternal grandmother should be tested for the gene. But according to Adelman and Wang’s algorithm, it may make the most sense to test only the paternal grandfather. If he were to test negative, it would be clear that the mother and maternal grandmother are the carriers. Under current guidelines, men are rarely tested for a BRCA gene, but doing so could offer valuable information about other family members.”

“One of the essential benefits of testing families is that the informational value of learning test results could outweigh the direct benefits from individual genetic testing. This value hinges on the free flow of information among family members,” Adelman and Wang say.

What does this mean for you and your family? 

Scientific advances reinforce the ever growing need for genetic testing. Vita’s Vision: To provide all individuals with genetic testing options (Test.), facilitate understanding of personal genetics (Know.), accelerate learning and interpretation of personal genetics (Educate.), create actionable implementation of genetic knowledge (Advocate.).

Our ultimate goal or Mission is to make personalized medicine accessible for every person and their family, and we plan to accomplish this goal through our vision.

Ready to join us on our Mission? Learn more about your personal and family genetic makeup and personalized medicine options through our genetic test offerings. These include:

Hereditary Cancer Screening (CGx)
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Pharmacogenomics (PGx)
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