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Personalized treatments are the future of medicine. An individual’s personal DNA blueprint allows for preventative and personalized treatments and medicines for almost every medical, nutritional, mental, behavioral, or biological condition. Vita Medical Solutions, “VITA”, is proud to facilitate access to cutting-edge medical solutions and laboratory testing for physicians, clinics, and patients. We specialize in genetic testing by providing education about the benefits and uses of these tests.
CGX testing

CGX Testing

Molecular testing looks for specific inherited changes (mutations) in a person’s genetic make-up. Genetic mutations may have different effects on a person’s health.
PGX testing

PGX Testing

Pharmacogenetics, also called pharmacogenomics, is the study of how genes affect the body’s response to certain medicines. Pharmacogenetic testing looks

Cardiac Testing

Mutations associated with inherited cardiovascular diseases and sudden cardiac death can be detected through cardiac genetic testing. This type of testing presents an in-depth look at an individual’s increased risk for various cardiac conditions.
daibetes testing

Early Detection and Treatment

Genetic testing is becoming a cornerstone of preventative medicine – diagnosing and treating almost every medical, nutritional, and behavioral issue or abnormality.

Vita Medical Solutions offers a wide variety of testing services nation-wide. Our labs utilize the most advanced technologies to provide accurate and timely diagnostic results. Many tests are available from the comfort of your own home with simple at-home sample collection.

Genetic testing is playing a large role in patient care in nearly type of medical practice. Physicians and medical centers can gain access to cutting-edge testing capabilities through a streamlined ordering system with no extra paperwork required. Partnered physicians say that genetic testing is helping them make informed choices in patient care and allowing for more personalized medicine and treatment.

Ready to Test, Here’s What to Expect…

How long has DNA Genetics testing been available and how reliable are the results?

Genetics DNA testing has been around for over 10 years, but its increased use for specific tests to assist in quickly identifying pathogenic mutations in the recent years just recently become a very fundamental part of the identification and treatment process with patients throughout the world. This testing has been widely accepted by physicians and medical centers throughout the country and the world. Clinical validity is determined by the strength of the association of the genetic variant and the adverse event, also by the frequencies of the genetic variant. This greatly improves the ability to avoid adverse events.

Where can I get the test done?

There are many different facilities and venues to get a test. Vita Medical Solutions partners with physicians who are interested in offering genetic testing services to their patients. If you physician is not yet part of our network, we can generate a test request to be sent to your provider. Testing may also be requested through community learning events, or by contacting us directly.

Does my Insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid cover this testing?​

Most testing is covered by Medicare and many state Medicaid programs as well as most Commercial Private insurers and TriCare (Governmental/VA)


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