What is PGX Pharmacogenetics testing?

What is PGX Pharmacogenetics testing?

Pharmacogenetics, also called pharmacogenomics, is the study of how genes affect the body’s response to certain medicines. Pharmacogenetic testing looks at specific genes to help identify the types of medicines and dosages that may be right for you for more specific and effective treatment planning. The PGX test results can help the physician and their staff choose preventative care plans.

PGX testing will also provide integral information about your physical makeup that will allow your physician further insight for identifying future screening tests and treatment plans. These treatment plans will be tailored to YOUR DNA. This testing significantly reduces the trial and error methods currently used all too often throughout the medical industry to identify unique and effective medications for each and every patient.

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Estimated cost savings in pharmaceutical expenses when using PGX testing?

Pharmacogenetics has been shown to increase therapeutic efficacy and improve symptoms in patients, which also can contribute to significant annual savings per patient with pharmacogenetic-guided medication management.

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